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Passion Led Us Here: Democracy Defenders of America


It means power to the people.

The Time Is Now

As the late John Lewis said, "Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part." 


Our country is at a crossroads, and recent evidence shows that the majority of Americans don't know how our system of democracy works. The last few decades of diminished civics and history in K-12 schools has created gaps in understanding that has led to generations of adults who are uncomfortable engaging in our political process, building meaningful understanding with those who may be different from them, or helping to meet community challenges with neighbors they don’t know. It has also generated explosive situations around the country. People need to know how democracy works in order to use the system to solve problems together. Democracy Defenders is committed to turning that around.

Courses Starting This Fall 2021

DDA Courses
Launching this Fall 2021.

Our courses are designed with you in mind - you’re busy with work, friends and family and to fit in our courses, you need flexibility. You got it! The courses are web-based, asynchronous, and in bite-sized morsels so you can fit them into your crazy life.

We offer two levels of the course: Basic and the Democracy Defender Certification program. We see the Basic course as the facts with examples of how it has worked for others, and the Democracy Defender course is where you learn how to organize and build connections with others in your community.


- includes the US Federal Government and how it works, State government, County or Parish government, and local municipal government.


- includes Democracy Values, Organizing 101, Building Alliances, Problem Solving, Communications, Tool Kit and more.

Click below to make your selection, and be sure to let us know why it interests you.

Only 51% of Americans know the three branches of Government, according to the 2020 Annenberg Institute annual survey. If our governments are to be "of, by and for the People" then the people need to know how their governments work. That's why Democracy Defenders of America was created! 

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