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About Us

Democracy Defenders of America is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on the intersection of formative civic education and relational community organizing. What do we do? We teach Americans like you how federal, state, county and local governments work through free, incentive-based, civic education so you understand why your participation is critical.


Our team will work with you to show how you can effectively advocate for yourself, your friends and family and work with others to take collective action. If you decided you want to be certified as a Democracy Defender, then one of our coaches will show you how to use your existing contacts and relationships to help others learn how our democracy works.


Our goal is to empower you and those you know to stand up for democracy together, even when you might have different points of view on a specific issue. We believe that by prioritizing the fundamentals of civics and values, we can strengthen the foundations of our democratic institutions, increase voter participation, and raise awareness in local decision-making.

Join us. Your voice counts.

The Need

Our democracy was founded on the belief that people can work together to solve problems. At Democracy Defenders of America we KNOW that people do this all the time. We also know that way too many people who are participating don’t understand how the system works - with good cause! It’s not as simple as “I’m just a Bill on Capitol Hill” from School House Rock. And we also know that it’s not that hard to learn.

We exist to provide that learning and more. We want you to know how the system works AND how to organize to solve problems.

Sign up for courses, sign up to follow us, share on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. And then decide what community you most want to organize because “of the people, by the people and for the people” doesn’t happen with you - a person - being a part of it all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide formative civic education to empower Americans to collectively engage in their democracy at every level.

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Our Vision

Our country is at a crossroads. At Democracy Defenders of America, our vision is to seize this transformative moment by organizing to build community through formative civic education and empowered collective engagement in our American democracy. We see an America where every American understands the system and knows how to effectively engage, participate, and use their voice to fulfill the Constitutional principle of “We The People”


Our Goal

We believe in the empowerment of all Americans because knowledge and participation is where the power lies. Through incentive-based education, we intend to train one-tenth of a percent of the registered voting population in each state as Democracy Defenders.


The might of America lies with you! Your empowerment will show others how to use their own power. If you are voting, you can amplify your power by learning how to use your voice to make real change. That's our goal - we want Americans of voting age to understand the systems, processes, and to make connections which will help you be a leader for others.

Our Goal

We Need Your Support Today!

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