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Why A Honeycomb In Our Logo? 🐝

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

When we were exploring a logo design, knowing that, as we are a nonprofit, we wanted something different from what is often used in political campaigns. Brainstorming ensued, with most of it fun. As a gardening enthusiast, I started thinking about pollinators.

At Democracy Defenders of America we are seeking people who will help to defend our democracy. What action do we want them to take? We want them to share knowledge to engage others in understanding the process and help them harvest good results for that work. In essence, we’re seeking people who will pollinate an understanding both for themselves and others.

When we landed on the word pollinate, it was an ‘aha’ moment. A quick bit of research on pollinators revealed there are four kinds - bees, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds. But only one works in a true community - bees.

Honey bees collect pollen and nectar as food for the entire colony, and as they do, they pollinate plants. Nectar stored within their stomachs is passed from one worker to the next until the water within it diminishes. At this point, the nectar becomes honey, which workers store in the cells of the honeycomb.

The honeycomb is the symbol of community, of working together, and of creating something that makes the world better.

Our goal is to build a honeycomb of Democracy Defenders across this nation. Come ‘bee’ one of us! 🐝

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